Subdivision Development

Subdivision refers to the creation of several properties from one or more existing properties, the realignment of existing property lines and the consolidation of two or more properties into one. The City of Nelson's Approving Officer reviews all subdivision applications to ensure compliance with the Provincial Land Title Act, the City's Official Community Plan and other City Bylaws such as the Zoning Bylaw and the Off-Street Parking and Landsape Bylaw. This review often involves referral to other City of Nelson departments and to other government agencies. Applicants must contact Nelson Hydro at 250-352-8206 for electrical servicing requirements.

Subdivision Application

Property owners who are seeking to subdivide their property should consult with Planning Services prior to submitting a Development Application Form, along with the required application fees for subdividing, water and sewer connections and associated construction costs are found within the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Site Profile Form

The Site Profile Form is a provincial requirement. The Site Profile Form can be downloaded here or from the Ministry of Environment's website.

The Procedures Manual for Subdivision Applications (PDF) provides a step-by-step, detailed manual on the subdivision process.