Low Carbon Path to 2040: Community Energy & Emissions Action Plan

The City of Nelson's Low Carbon Path to 2040 Community Energy and Emissions Action Plan was approved by City Council on October 11th, 2011.

Background Information

Sustainable energy and emission management is not a fundamental departure from Nelson's past and present. This Plan builds on the City's complete, compact, highly-liveable character, heritage building preservation, and a historic commitment to energy security that began more than a century ago with the establishment of its own hydro-electric utility.

This plan will build on and be informed by the City's proposed Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy as a guiding framework and will complement the Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan completed in 2010.

Objectives of the Plan

The Plan will serve as a blueprint for energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction for the community, and meet the following objectives:

  • Exceed the City's regulatory requirement under Bill 27 to establish greenhouse gas reduction targets and policies and actions for achieving these targets in its Official Community Plan;
  • Build on and make recommendations to existing City policies and plans so as to best integrate climate and energy into ongoing municipal business activity;
  • Develop appropriate targets and strategies for community-wide GHG reduction and community energy use, as well as sector-specific targets that will guide implementation and support monitoring; and
  • Establish a clear implementation path that identifies specific tasks for City departments and community partners, as well as action opportunities for individuals, and private, public and non-profit players.

Community Engagement

The Plan relies on the community's most critical resource - its entrepreneurial residents, businesses, community organizations, regional utilities, and public institutions. To develop and implement a Plan that resonates with the community, Council and staff worked closely with stakeholders and the public. A series of events for stakeholders and the public were held in December and February of 2010, building on input that has shaped the Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy.