October Summary of Public Engagement

Summary of Public Engagement for the Sustainable Waterfront & Downtown Master Plan - October

Two workshops entitled ‘Issues and Ideas' were held Thursday October 14th, 2010 to kick off the creation of the City of Nelson Sustainable Waterfront and Downtown Master Plan. A workshop was held in the morning with a broad spectrum of participants ranging from City staff to community groups. Participants were broken into three groups, each tasked with defining key planning goals and creating a map to depict their vision for the future of the Downtown and the Waterfront. A list of the groups invited (PDF) to participate is available.

Morning Workshop

Evening Workshop

An evening workshop was held to solicit further input from the public-at-large. Materials presented included summaries of past planning work, an assessment of the infrastructure and character of the project area as well as preliminary ideas regarding potential development opportunities. In addition, the three designs generated at the morning workshop were presented for input. A large group of participants voted with red dots for ideas that they most strongly supported, and filled out stickies with additional comments and concerns not represented on the presentation boards (PDF). Images from the morning and evening workshops (PDF) are available for viewing.

Evening Workshop Board with Dots and Stickies

Key Observations

There were many common themes expressed in the workshops, including the following key ideas:

  • Encourage development of vacant Downtown lands, especially along Baker Street;
  • Encourage more mixed-use residential projects throughout Downtown;
  • Intensify development in the Baker Street South area (Railway Street / Government Street area);
  • Intensify development on the Waterfront adjacent to Downtown with a mixture of residential, commercial and industrial.
  • Maintain sight lines from Downtown to the water;
  • Continue to protect recognized heritage buildings; however, allow flexibility of design style in both the Downtown and Waterfront for new development, provided it meets key design standards primarily for height and pedestrian friendliness;
  • Ensure the water's edge remains public with a continuous shoreline trail that is accessible to all;
  • Revitalize Cottonwood Creek, including a pedestrian/bike path and possible City park at mouth;
  • Create a new City park at Red Sands beach and the grove of trees immediately adjacent;
  • Explore additional vehicular and pedestrian connections between Downtown and the Waterfront;
  • Explore opportunities for the streetcar to service more of the Waterfront and possibly Downtown; and
  • Create strong civic spaces at the CP Station, the Front Street / Hall Street intersection, and one or two of the key intersections on Baker Street.

Next Steps

The feedback from these workshops formed the basis for developing more refined development concepts. These were available for viewing and comment at the second community workshop entitled ‘Concepts', held November 25, 2010.