Fire Prevention Week

Nelson Fire and Rescue has a history of strong Fire Prevention Week programs, winning several awards over the decades. (Drop by for a visit and we'll show you the trophy case!)

Fire Prevention Week (early October of each year)

This is an annual public education event, held across North America. The strategy and message change each year, so check our Facebook page or other media for updates.  In some years, we visit students in the schools, in other years we have hosted an open house at the fire hall.  We also arrange visits with special interest groups.  If your group would like to have Nelson Fire and Rescue Services come by for a presentation, contact our fire hall.  We can discuss anything from general fire safety to FireSmart to topics of interest for pre-schoolers, seniors, or special-needs groups.

Home Visits

Occasionally, we visit homes in select areas of Nelson, in part to help citizens check their smoke alarms, but also to answer any questions they may have about the FireSmart program (wildfire preparedness) or general fire safety. If you would like us to come by, contact our office. We'll do what we can to help you out (replacing an alarm, for instance) and answer any questions you have.

Nelson Junior Fire Inspectors Survey Form

Parents may recognize the Nelson Junior Fire Inspectors Survey form (PDF) as the same one brought home in years past, from Nelson schools. We are no longer sending it out, thus are not asking for completed forms to be sent to us, but if you would like to get someone in your home involved in thinking about fire safety, download and start inspecting!

Smoke Alarms

Drop by the fire hall (or check out Fire Prevention Week) to learn more. One of the best ways to protect your family is to ensure you have at least one working smoke alarm on each floor of your home. Test yours today and if the battery is more than a year old, replace it. If the alarm itself is older than 10 years, replace the whole alarm (even if it's one of the hard-wired types). Smoke alarms lose sensitivity over time and after 10 years of service, most will be 30% slower to react to a fire than a new one.

Online Materials & Educational Information

If you are looking for online materials and educational information concerning Fire Prevention Week, you'll find excellent information on the National Fire Protection Association's website.

Building Owners

The B.C. Fire Code requires every dwelling, whether owned or rented and regardless of age, to have a properly maintained smoke alarm. It is up to the building owner to supply the alarm (or detector, if a unified system is in place), and it is up to those living in the home to ensure that it functions properly.

Alarms 10 years old or greater must be replaced, as they lose sensitivity over time. Some alarms must be replaced sooner (see manufacturer's information for details).


To ensure your alarm will work when needed, test it monthly and replace the battery at least once per year. Clean it out at least once a year, using a vacuum and/or a can of compressed air.  The dust and insects which invariably wind up inside often cause false alarms.