Streets & Sidewalks

The City of Nelson Public Works department is responsible for the repair, upgrade and maintenance of streets and sidewalks. Within the city boundaries, there are approximately 64 kilometres of pedestrian sidewalks and many kilometres of streets and laneways. Over time sidewalks deteriorate due to various factors, such as cracking due to frost action and tree roots, while potholes, cracks and other damage take their toll on city streets. The goal of the Public Works department is to ensure that public safety is maintained through its year-round schedule of repair and maintenance programs.

Maintenance & Repairs

City of Nelson Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of streets and sidewalks in the city of Nelson. The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for Highway 3A, which runs through the City. 

Street Cleaning

City streets are maintained throughout the year. As winter operations wind down, sand cleanup commences.


Paved surfaces are treated as assets, with both operational and capital replacement components. The operational component involves pothole and larger patching, minor reconstruction, minor overlays and crack sealing. Most major paving and repair takes place during the summer when our capital program is in full swing.


City staff conducts a physical inspection of sidewalks on an annual basis. This information is put into a database that forms the core of the sidewalk maintenance plan.