City Administration

As City Manager, it is my responsibility to work closely with Council, the community and our staff not only deliver the day to day services, but also to ensure we are planning for the future.  Community planning, which is led by our Development Services team, is about identifying how the community wants to see Nelson develop now and into the future; then putting into place the policies and bylaws to guide that growth and renewal.  We all go to communites where we see this done well or poorly.  The magic is to translate those community aspirations into practical policies and work with Council, staff, developers, businesses and the community in supporting the delivery of real on the ground projects.

We have a lot on our plate across the organization.  We work hard to ensure that we take a realistic approach to delivering on the day to day as well as meeting longer term goals.  In attending provincial conferences, I am always proud to see that we are continuing to hit well above our weight class.  Nelson is showcased again and again for being a leader in the Province.  

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Kevin Cormack, City Manager

Kevin Cormack