Downtown Nelson Streetlights

Nelson Hydro maintains more than 700 streetlights within the City of Nelson and the Nelson Hydro service territory. If you notice a streetlight that needs repair or maintenance, please call Nelson Hydro at 250-352-8240

Please tell us:

  1. The closest street address to the streetlight.
  2. A description of the problem.
  3. Your contact number.

It would be helpful to have the pole number or the nearest street address or other identifying information to help narrow down its exact location so crews can be dispatched efficiently. 

In addition, it would be helpful to know the condition of the streetlight. For example, if it is on all the time or on/off intermittently, or off completely, flickering, etc. Streetlights reported with incomplete information may not receive timely repairs.

Click on the city photo below to determine the nearest street address.

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