Laneway House Design Competition

Voting for the People’s Choice Award
is open until Friday, February 21, 2020! 

Residents of the City of Nelson are eligible to vote.

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The People’s Choice Award is a non-monetary designation, which means that the winner will not receive a cash prize specific to this award. 

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The Design Review Panel has announced the winners of the 2019 Laneway House Design Competition! The Panel has also ranked the top three in their order of preference. That doesn’t mean that the competition is over, however, as we are still holding the final round of the competition: the People’s Choice award vote, which will be won by one of the following:


Kootenay Three-Step design, submitted by Tony Osborn Architecture + Design Inc. of Vancouver. The design provides variations ranging from 571 to 858 square-feet.

Click here to open the full design prospectus [PDF].

1st place

SECOND PLACE + "Eco Choice" Designation

“Nelson Peaks”, submitted by Tyler Reynolds & Adrienne Gerrits, Intern Architects (NSAA) of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It offers 850 square-feet of living space.

Click here to open the full design prospectus [PDF].


THIRD PLACE + "Affordable Choice" Designation

“The Pica”, submitted by Carmen DiPasquale of SNT Engineering and Rod Taylor of Rod Taylor Design, of Nelson. The base design provides 400 square-feet of living space, with options to add another 165 square-feet of building footprint plus a basement.

Click here to open the full design prospectus [PDF].


The City is currently waiting on the winners to submit their full building plans for review and expects to be able to make the plans available for sale near the end of March. It is expected that City Council will decide on the final sale price of the pre-reviewed plans at its March regular meeting. An announcement will be made once the plans are finalized and available to the public. More details on the process of acquiring and using the plans will be made available at that time.

For more background information on the competition, please visit the Project Background page in the left-hand column.