Climate Change Action

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The City of Nelson has a long history of leadership when it comes to addressing concerns about sustainability and climate change.

Due to rapidly shifting climatic conditions and increasing scientific confidence that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, it is time for Nelson to take further action on this important issue. We are focussed on reducing our footprint and preparing for the increasing impacts we will see as our climate continues to change.

Climate Change Action Planning

The City of Nelson is currently developing a comprehensive and integrated Climate Change Action Plan focused on reducing emissions (mitigation) and responding to the climate change that is already happening (adaptation).

This Action Plan - to launch in Summer 2020 - will act to both consolidate and coordinate existing policies and actions on climate change while also surfacing new actions to fill in gaps and address emerging risks and opportunities.

Get Involved

The City of Nelson plans to engage with residents and businesses regularly to inform our Climate Change Action Plan and its implementation.

Please sign up for ‘Public Consultation / Engagement Opportunities’ alerts using the City of Nelson’s Notify Me service, to be informed of engagement opportunities and/or check back here regularly for notices.

  1. Climate Change Coordinator