Climate Action

Nelson Next: Our Community Climate Plan

To make sure our initiatives are coordinated and implemented collaboratively, the City of Nelson has recently approved a comprehensive climate change action plan entitled Nelson Next. 

Nelson Next is a roadmap for a safer and healthier community. It takes a complementary and evidence-based approach to climate action by ensuring we are prepared for future climate changes (adaptation) while also taking steps to reduce our carbon emissions (mitigation). Together, the adaptation and mitigation strategies within Nelson Next provide a framework for ensuring an accelerated transition to low-carbon resilience.

V2 Low Carbon Resilience Graphic

There are seven aspirational goals outlined in the Nelson Next Climate Plan that guide the City’s work on climate change. These include many important aspects of community life, such as how we move around the City, how we build and maintain our infrastructure, and how we work together to ensure we are prepared for a changing climate.   

A draft version of Nelson Next was passed unanimously by City Council in December 2020, and the final version is available to the public here

A visual summary of the plan – which can double as a poster for your office or business – can be downloaded here

Do you want to make an impact but aren't sure where to start?

Nelson Next was informed by our community's shared challenges, as well as the solutions that we know we have the ability and energy to achieve. As we implement Nelson Next, there will be a role for each and every community member. 

By participating in the City of Nelson's Climate Programs, you are joining hundreds of residents who are working to ensure we remain a safe, healthy, and resilient community. 

Learn more about the climate solutions available today here.

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Historical Climate Plans 

The City of Nelson is committed to a sustainable future. For us, sustainability is about having a well-protected environment, productive economy, and healthy citizens with strong cultural connections. It's about living well today while preparing for the future. 

Many community plans have guided our climate action over the years. The Nelson Next Climate Plan builds on the work completed in previous community and corporate strategies including: 

  1. Path to 2040 Sustainability Strategy 
  2. Low Carbon Path to 2040: Community Energy & Emissions Action Plan 
  3. Active Transportation Plan 
  4. Corporate Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan 
  5. Sustainable Waterfront & Downtown Master Plan 
  6. Community Wildfire Protection Plan
  7. Water Master Plan

Climate Leadership History