See The Heat

LibraryThe Nelson Library and Nelson Hydro are working together to support a sustainable community. 

This program enables you to sign out a thermal imaging camera that connects to your smartphone to learn about the heat loss inside your home. The program is offered to students who are participating in the school program, Cool It! Climate Leadership Training, until June 2020. After this, the program will be available to library cardholders.Nelson Hydro jpg

The thermal imaging camera will allow you to see how well your home is insulated, how well doors and windows are sealed, what plug in’s and outlets are leaky and the effect of leaving chimney flues open when not in use.

The make and model of thermal imaging camera that you will be signing out is:

Homeowners that need to explore further are invited to register for the Regional Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) that the Nelson Hydro EcoSave Program delivers. By registering in REEP you will save over 60% on an energy evaluation. 

Visit for more information and online registration.

What is an energy evaluation?

Have you seen where heat is escaping from your roof?

Need more information? Contact the EcoSave Program Manager, Carmen Proctor.

Carmen Proctor

EcoSave Program Coordinator

Suite 101, 310 Ward Street

Nelson, BC V1L 5S4

Tel: 250.509.2021

Fax: 250.352.6417