Official Community Plan - Update

Official Community Plan Update

The City is about to embark on an exciting journey to update the Official Community Plan (OCP), and we want you to be part of it! Over the next 24 months, we'll be collaborating with residents, business owners, and stakeholders to shape the future of our City. Our current OCP, adopted in 2011, is due for an update to align with the City's other planning documents and reflect the changes in community priorities. This critical guide for future growth and development in the City outlines policies and goals for land use, transportation, housing, and environmental sustainability, providing a framework for managing growth, protecting the environment, and promoting a healthy and vibrant community. This update process is your opportunity to ensure that Nelson remains a vibrant and livable community for generations to come. Join us on this exciting journey.

Key Stages in the Update Process

The OCP update process involves several key stages, including:

1. Research and Analysis: This stage involves gathering information about the current state of the City, identifying trends and issues, and assessing the effectiveness of the existing policies.

2. Visioning and Goal Setting: This stage involves engaging the community to develop a shared vision for the future of Nelson and to identify goals and priorities to guide the update process.

3. Policy Development: This stage involves developing new policies and updating existing ones to reflect the vision and goals of the City.

4. Draft Plan: This stage involves developing a draft OCP that integrates the policies and goals identified during the previous stages.

5. Public Review & Adoption: This stage involves sharing the draft plan with the public and gathering feedback to inform further revisions. This stage involves finalizing the OCP and seeking formal adoption by City Council.

Opportunities for Public Engagement

The OCP update process is an opportunity for community members to provide input and help shape the future of Nelson. There will be several opportunities for public engagement throughout the process, including:

1. Workshops and Public Meetings: The City will hold workshops and public meetings to gather input on the update process and to provide updates on the progress.

2. Online Feedback: The City will provide opportunities for online feedback through the City's website and social media channels.

3. Surveys: The City will conduct surveys to gather input on specific topics related to the update process.

4. Focus Groups: The City may convene focus groups to gather input from specific stakeholder groups.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved in the OCP update process, please visit the City's website for updates on upcoming workshops and public meetings. You can also follow the City on social media for updates and opportunities to provide feedback. Your input is valuable and will help shape the future of Nelson.

Official Community Plan Advisory Committee (OCP-AC)

The Official Community Plan (OCP) advisory committee is a group of individuals appointed by Council to provide guidance and feedback on the development of the City's OCP. The committee will be made up of a diverse range of community members who represent different sectors, interests, and perspectives within the community. Their role will be to provide input and advice to the City on matters related to land use, development, transportation, housing, and other key aspects of the OCP. The committee's recommendations are intended to help shape the future growth and development of the City in a way that reflects the values, needs, and aspirations of the community. Through its work, the OCP advisory committee plays an important role in shaping the future of Nelson and ensuring that it remains a vibrant, sustainable, and livable community for years to come.

To apply to the committee, please click here. Applications are due April 27, 2023.

For any questions, please contact Natalie at


The e-panel for the OCP is a valuable opportunity for residents to get involved. By joining the e-panel, members will receive email updates on community events related to the OCP, as well as opportunities to review and comment on draft versions of the OCP. To join, individuals should send an email to Matt at expressing their interest. This is an excellent way for residents to have a voice in the planning process and to help shape the direction of Nelson's growth and development.