Public Assistance Requested


Nelson Police are seeking public assistance regarding an investigation into fraudulent Shambhala Music Festival Tickets.

On August 7, 2014, information was received by Nelson Police Department that fraudulent festival tickets were being sold for $300 and when the purchasers attended the music festival they were being advised by festival staff that the tickets purchased were not valid.

The Nelson Police Department conducted an investigation which resulted in two further incidents of fraud and the arrest of a 35 year-old female and her 49-year old partner, both from Nelson. Both parties are facing multiple charges.

The police are continuing an active investigation into this matter. Anyone with information that could assist in in this investigation is requested to contact the Nelson Police Department at 250-354-3919.

Weekly Media Release:

File 2014-3641

During the early morning hours of August 2, 2014 the Nelson Police Department received a complaint that a car and a person were missing. The incident was explained to police as follows. The vehicle operator drove to a location near the downtown core where he parked to off load some of his belongings into a residence. He left his female passenger to sleep in the front seat. The keys were left in the vehicle ignition. Much to the chagrin of the vehicle owner, when he came back to collect another load of belongings, the vehicle was gone, passenger included!

The passenger reported to police that she had been asleep in the front seat of the vehicle when she was awoken by someone touching her on the back. She did not recognize the male driver, so she asked him who he was. The male stated to the passenger, ”Don’t worry, I’m your daddy”. He then drove on. When the vehicle stopped to allow pedestrians to cross the road, the passenger wisely disembarked. The unknown male driver simply exited the vehicle and walked away.

The Nelson Police Department was notified approximately one hour after the incident took place. An investigation was immediately launched and a person of interest was soon identified.

The Nelson Police Department are recommending to lock your unattended vehicle and don’t leave your ignition keys in an unattended vehicle. Not even for a moment!

File 2014-3673

A citizen of Nelson was driving east on Lakeside Drive during the middle of the day on August 3, 2014. The driver was shocked frightened when she suddenly saw a male on a bicycle veer into her lane heading straight toward her vehicle. She found herself an uninvited and unwilling participant in a vehicular game of chicken. The participants were a 5000 pound automobile versus 25 pound bicycle.

At the last possible second, just prior to impact, the bicycle rider veered around the onrushing vehicle, narrowly avoiding a collision. Astonishingly, as the male rode past her vehicle he spat onto the windshield and then again into the open window of the vehicle. The driver was shocked and disgusted.

Fortunately, she recognized the bike rider and called out his name. He returned to the scene and apologized for his vile outburst. He offered to clean his spittle from the interior of her vehicle. The apology was not accepted.

The complainant told police the name of the spitter. An investigation was initiated and police are on the lookout for the spitter.

File 2014-3643

As the agency of last resort the men and women of the Nelson Police Department are often called upon to respond to a wide variety of situations. During the morning hours of August 2, 2014 the police were requested to assist a home owner with an animal in the basement of their home. The caller reported being able to hear an animal scratching about in the basement. The noise and thought of facing a wild animal made the caller wary thus the police were summoned.

The responding Nelson Police officers could not hear the scratching noise that had been reported. As per their training, the officers pushed into the basement to investigate the unknown. After rooting through the basement for about ten minutes a cardboard box under the stairs was identified as the source of the noise. The box was isolated and carefully opened. Inside the box the officers located a lone house mouse.

The mouse box was transported to outdoors where the mouse was freed into the yard. One of the officers remarked that the mouse appeared to be in remarkably good health after the harrowing ordeal.

Nelson Police Department’s Restorative Justice Program

Nelson Police Restorative Justice Program

Nelson Police Department’s Restorative Justice Program garnering great volunteer support.

Training for program that aims for a more compassionate community by putting perpetrators and victims face-to-face starts in September.

Nelson —The Nelson Police Department is making great headway in its search for volunteers for its innovative Restorative Justice Program — and with training slated to begin soon, the NPD is making an urgent last call for all who may still be interested in signing up.

The program places would-be law breakers face-to-face with those they’ve affected by their actions, and together, perpetrators and victims explore ways to repair the harm that’s been done.

“This program will do far more to make a first-time offender recognize that they have done harm to others, as well as to themselves, than the criminal justice system could ever hope to accomplish,” says NPD Chief Wayne Holland. “The personal interaction between the perpetrators — who often are former victims themselves — and the citizens who have been wronged can result in a young person being motivated to change the direction of his or her life, for their benefit as well as that of their community.”
Since the first call for volunteers went out this spring, 10 locals have been interviewed in preparation for the program’s intensive training course, which will run from September through December.

“I’ve been very impressed with applicants’ backgrounds and varied experiences,” says Restorative Justice Program Coordinator Gerry Sobie, who is leading the effort along with NPD Sergeant Dino Falcone. “I hear the commitment and passion in their voices,” Sobie adds.

Sobie says his candidates come from a broad background of professions including computational sciences, environmental management, city administration, social work, automotive technician, retired educators, food services and retail.

One of the volunteer applicants is retired school principal and 35-year Nelson resident Wayne Prentice, who says the program will have great benefits for the city.
“It’s a process through which relationships are restored,” says Prentice, a longtime local elementary school principal up until his retirement in 2007. “If a crime has been committed, both the victim and perpetrator need restoring so both can be functional and productive again in our community. The responsible party must understand and accept responsibility for her/his actions.”

Sobie says Restorative Justice will help make Nelson a healthier, more compassionate community than it already is.

Restorative Justice training will run on Saturdays and weekday evenings starting in September. The program is looking for another 10 volunteers.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Gerry Sobie at NPD phone 250-354-3919 or Volunteer application forms are at the front desk of the Nelson Police Department or online on the NPD website.

Media Contact:
Gerry Sobie, RJ Program Coordinator
c. 250-777-3979 p. 250-354-3919

Sgt. Dino Falcone
p. 250-354-3919

Bear Aware

At approximately 1315 hours on July 21, 2014, the Nelson Police Department received a complaint of a bear swimming across the lake towards the Prestige Lakeside Resort. The bear climbed onto the dock and startled boaters and patrons in the restaurant patio area.

According to Conservation, this particular juvenile bear had been causing extensive damage on the North Shore and was highly habituated to the area’s human food sources. Conservation staff received several calls over the last two weeks regarding this bear. A conservation officer was called to the scene and unfortunately the bear was killed as a result of the aforementioned reasons.

The Public is reminded to clean up all attractants, pick their fruit, cover their barbeques, and ensure that their garbage is secure until pick-up day.

As a reminder for the City of Nelson residents, if any garbage is stored, placed or discarded in a manner that may be accessible to wildlife, the resident may be subject to fines not exceeding Two Thousand ($2,000.00) Dollars under the City of Nelson Waste Management and Wildlife Attractant Bylaw No. 3198, 2011.

Bear sightings should be reported to the Conservation Officer Service at 1 877 952-7277.
Bear Aware is an excellent resource for information on bears in the urban interface. Information can be located at or from printed pamphlets available at the Nelson Police Department.

Body Located in Cottonwood Creek

On June 26th, 2014 Nelson Police were called to Cottonwood Park, in Nelson, with regard to a report of a body of a male found in Cottonwood Creek. The report was confirmed and Nelson Police and the BC Coroner’s Service are currently investigating. No identification will be released at this point in time until next of kin have been notified. Further information will be released when available.

Media Release June 30th, 2014

Nelson Police had a busy weekend for the start of the summer handling approximately 100 calls for service. Of note:

On June 26th, 2014 at approximately 7:00 pm NPD received a call to the bus stop at Ward and Baker Sts regarding an intoxicated male drinking and harassing a young girl in a sexual manner. Nelson Police attended the area and spoke to the young girl and the intoxicated male. The 52 year old male was arrested and charged with sexual assault and resisting arrest. He was remanded to appear in court in Nelson on June 30th, 2014.

On June 28th, 2014 Nelson Police were called to a local motel where a guest had observed a male going through the saddlebag of a motorcycle belonging to another guest at the motel. The witness detained the male and stood by until Police arrived. A 20 year old male, not from the Nelson area, was arrested for Theft and Possession of Stolen Property. He was released on a Promise to Appear with a court date set for August 19th, 2014. All property stolen was recovered and returned to the owner of the motorcycle.

On June 28th, 2014, Nelson Police were flagged down by a pedestrian who reported being shot at by an unknown male in a vehicle. The pedestrian believed the firearm to be a C02 powered BB gun. A vehicle description was given and the vehicle and 2 males were located a short time later. A C02 BB gun was recovered along with ammunition and C02 cartridges. A 23 year old Nelson Resident was arrested for Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose. He was also charged with Mischief Under $5000 as the investigation led to locating a window shattered at a local business. The investigation is ongoing and further charges may be added with regard to other damage reported.

Summer Checkstop Program

The Nelson Police department will be kicking off the summer impaired driving checkstop program next week. Checkstops will be set up in the Nelson area with the intent of targeting impaired drivers as the summer season begins.

Signs of an impaired driver:

  • Driving unreasonably fast, slow or at an inconsistent speed
  • Drifting in and out of lanes
  • Tailgating and changing lanes frequently
  • Making exceptionally wide turns
  • Changing lanes or passing without sufficient clearance
  • Overshooting or stopping well before stop signs or stop lights
  • Disregarding signals and lights
  • Approaching signals or leaving intersections too quickly or slowly
  • Driving without headlights, failing to lower high beams or leaving turn signals on

Always maintain a safe distance from any driver you suspect might be impaired: 

  • Call 911 (If you are driving, pull over first if you can safely do so)
  • State your location
  • Vehicle description
  • Licence plate number of vehicle
  • Colour of vehicle
  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Direction of travel for the vehicle
  • Description of driver

Media Release June 9, 2014

On Sunday Jun 8 a homeowner in the uphill area was surprised to find a black bear in her kitchen stealing cookies. The bear left when finished and was seen walking through yards checking doors. The Nelson Police and Conservation were called and tracked the bear throughout the neighborhood. He was found tearing though garbage and was safely dispatched by the Conservation Officer.

Later the same day the Nelson Police Department was told that a cougar was also seen in the same area.

If you come into contact with a cougar that does not run away, stay calm, stand your ground and don’t back down. Back away slowly if possible and safe to do so. Pick up children, but DO NOT BEND DOWN, TURN YOUR BACK, OR RUN. Running triggers an innate predatory response in cougars which could lead to an attack.

Raise your voice and speak firmly. Raise your arms to make yourself look larger, clap your hands, and throw something you might have in your hands, like a water bottle. Again, do not bend over to pick up a stone off the ground. This action may trigger a pounce response in a cougar.

Please ensure you report any cougar sightings to the RAPP line 1-877-952-7277 or the Nelson Police Department at 354-3919.


Bear Aware:
Ministry of the Environment (Cougar Safety):

Emergency Services Camp

Emergency Services Camp

On the first weekend in May, the Nelson Police Department, in conjunction with the Nelson RCMP, Nelson Fire Rescue, Nelson Search and Rescue, and BC Ambulance held our first annual Emergency Services Camp for local high school students. The camp is based on our previous successful years of Police Camp in Nelson. This year involved students from LV Rogers Secondary, Salmo Secondary, JV Humphries Secondary in Castlegar, Mount Sentinal Secondary and Grand Forks Secondary. Our students were involved in demonstrations from the various emergency services and completed the requirements for the police physical testing along with firearms and accident investigation. It was a very busy weekend and ended with a graduation where all students received a Certificate for their participation. We would like to thank the following for their support:

  • Elaine McLaren and Jean Pisacreta and their many volunteers for all the meals prepared for the students and volunteers.
  • Sherry-Lynn McGregor for all her work through LV Rogers.
  • Lauren Mirva, our Mt Royal University practicum student working with the Nelson Police Department.
  • Western Auto Wreckers for supplying the vehicle for our accident investigation.
  • Interior Health Authority for their site support.
  • The Royal Canadian Legion, Nelson Rotary, the Nelson Police Association, the Regional District for the Central Kootenay, Kaslo Village Council, Castlegar City Council, Salmo Village Council, and Ravestein Construction Ltd., for their financial support.
  • The Nelson and District Community Complex and their lifeguards.
  • Sweetwater Embroidery for our uniforms.
  • LV Rogers Secondary for allowing us to use their school facilities for the weekend.
  • Rowan Weber for being our drill instructor.
  • All the volunteers from the Nelson Police Department, the Nelson Police Reserves, the Nelson RCMP, the Nelson Fire Rescue, Nelson Search and Rescue and BC Ambulance who donated their time to make our Camp a success.

Finally, we would like to thank our group of students who participated in our Camp for 2014, you were an awesome group. Our Emergency Services Camp is a true example of our communities working together to create opportunities and career ideas for our youth.

Press Release: May 9th to 12th, 2014

Incident 2014-1922, 1923, 1964,1965

Over the weekend the Nelson Police Department received several reports of bears in both the Hospital and Fairview areas of the City. Members were able to locate a black bear in the Seventh and Gordon Street area and used non-lethal flash bangs to scare the bear which is the preferred method if the bear is not aggressive. In this event, the bear had several bags of garbage strewn around the area. The public is reminded to keep their garbage secure as easy access to garbage will cause more bear encounters and the bears will not leave if they can continue to access food sources (garbage) in the City.

Incident 2014-1938

On May 10th, 2014 at 5h10 PM the Nelson Police Department received multiple 911 calls for a fight in the area of Ward and Baker Streets. The fight was between two intoxicated males and resulted in an arrest. One of the combatants was held due to his being intoxicated and was released when he was sober. The fight was consensual and no charges are pending.

Incident 2014-1951

On May 11th, 2014 at 6h30 AM, the Nelson Police Department received several calls regarding a male who was passed out on the shoulder of Hwy 3A just before the Lakeview Crescent exit. Initial reports were that the male had fallen from a 5 metre wall adjacent to the highway however upon assessment by paramedics it appears as if the male was intoxicated and had passed out and not fallen as was initially reported.

Incident 2014-1978

On May 12th, 2014 at 7h30 PM, the Nelson Police Department received a report of a female passed out in the park in the 500 block of Hendryx. A 50 year old female was the subject of the complaint, was intoxicated and had court imposed conditions not to consume alcohol. Charges for breach of probation are pending.