Forging Ahead: Nelson Police Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Nelson Police Strategic Plan

The municipal Nelson Police Board is proud to present to the community a long-term Strategic Plan to guide the work of the Nelson Municipal Police force. The completion of this plan reflects the commitment of the Board and staff to achieving the vision of the Nelson Municipal Police.

Nelson Police Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015

The Strategic Plan for the Nelson Police Department (NPD) is the over arching guiding document for the direction of the Department over the next five years. This plan was developed during 2010 by the NPD Management Team and the Nelson Police Board and finalized in March 2011. It represents our commitment to integrating our strategic direction under a paradigm that references the Official Community Plan (OCP), our 2009 Citizen’s Survey, as well as the principles of sustainability and fiscal responsibility. Additionally, the Strategic Plan is evaluated and monitored with the view to ensuring that our Mission, Vision and Values are reinforced through measurable action.

Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015