Media Release: September 23, 2013

On September 20th, 2013, at approximately midnight, Nelson Police Department and Nelson Fire Rescue were called to the intersection of Stanley and Vernon Streets regarding a single vehicle MVI. The driver of the vehicle had lost control while attempting a left turn onto Stanley St from Vernon St and had struck the building on the corner. The 22 year old driver, who was not injured in the crash, was investigated for impaired driving and issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition and the vehicle, though no longer drivable, was impounded for 30 days. (File # 2013-4573 refers)

On September 21st, 2013, at approximately 8:22 in the evening, Nelson Police received several 911 calls from the residences at the 10th Street Campus of Selkirk College. The callers requested an ambulance to attend as one of the students had fallen from the 4th floor walkway onto the rocks below. EHS, Nelson Fire Rescue and Nelson Police attended the scene and located the 22 year old male. He was transported to Kootenay Lake Hospital for assessment by medical staff for injuries sustained and further transferred to the Trail Hospital overnight. The lucky student was not seriously injured in the fall and is now recovering at Kootenay Lake Hospital. (File # 2013-4582 refers)

On September 22nd, 2013, at approximately 4:18 in the morning, Nelson Police were called to the Silverking Campus of Selkirk College with regard to a vehicle driving around the college tearing up the grass. The vehicle was observed by a witness to be driving on the sidewalks, on the grass and around the buildings. Nelson Police located the vehicle and 2 19 year old males were arrested for Mischief Over $5000. Both were held in custody until sober and released on a Promise to Appear with a court date and conditions not to attend Selkirk College. The driver was also issued an Immediate Roadside Prohibition and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days. Representatives for Selkirk College were notified of the damage and they will be making an assessment as to the actual cost to repair the grounds. (File # 2013-4588 refers)

On September 22, 2013, at approximately 6:10 pm, Nelson Police received several 911 calls regarding a single vehicle MVI in the 900 block of Vernon St. Nelson Police, Nelson Fire Rescue and EHS attended. The 46 year old female driver, and lone occupant was transported to Kootenay Lake Hospital with injuries sustained in the crash. Nelson Police are continuing their investigation with regard to possible alcohol involvement in the crash. (File # 2013-4594 refers)

News Release: September 16th, 2013

On September 13th, 2013, Nelson Police received a call regarding damage to a statue on display in the 400 block Baker St. The statue, on display by the City of Nelson, was of a musical instrument; a cello. The statue sustained major damage and had to be removed from Baker St. Nelson Police are asking the public for assistance with regard to locating the suspects responsible for the damage to the artwork. Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the Nelson Police at 354-3919. (File # 2013-4464 refers)

On September 14th, 2013, Nelson Police received a call from Nelson Mental health regarding a client who had left a suicide message with their answering service. After a search by both Nelson Mental Health workers and Nelson Police, the client was located mid-span on the orange bridge by NPD. The NPD member carefully approached the suicidal female, but as he came up to her she jumped over the railing. The Nelson Police member quickly grabbed her, saving her from falling into the water below. Traffic had come to a complete standstill on the bridge at this time and five drivers came to the assistance of NPD and helped pull the female to safety. The 26 year old female was transported to Kootenay Lake Hospital under the Mental Health Act for assessment. Nelson Police would like to identify the five drivers who came forth to assist in saving the life of the distraught female, in order to thank them for their much appreciated assistance. We are asking the five drivers to call Sgt. Janet Scott-Pryke at 250-354-3919. (File # 2013-4486 refers)

On August 3rd, 2013, NPD released the following media bulletin:

On Saturday, August 3rd, 2013, approximately 4:00 a.m., the Nelson Police received multiple reports of glass smashing and vandalism in the area of a local school. Upon arrival, it was apparent that the school had been the subject of an excessive amount of vandalism. There were multiple windows shattered as well as other damages sustained. Although early in the investigation, the Nelson Police have identified persons of interest and are optimistic they will be proceeding with criminal charges. The police are requesting any witnesses or any one with additional information to contact the Nelson Police Department and refer to police file #13-3569.

Nelson Police would like to add the following update to the investigation:

After a month long investigation, the Nelson Police have identified the three youths responsible for causing over $5000 damage in vandalism to a local school. All parties have attended the Nelson Police Department accompanied by their guardians and taken full accountability for their actions and have prepared letters of public apology for their actions. “I cannot express how remorseful I am of this situation, and the shame I’m carrying with me. To all of those in our in our beautiful Nelson community, I am deeply sorry,” a youth responsible for damage.

The youths are first time offenders and as such the matter will be proceeding through Restorative Justice. The Nelson Police would like to thank School District 8 and the staff at the school for their cooperation and partnership in this investigation.

Media Release: August 30th, 2013

SCHOOL’S BACK NEXT WEEK SO LET’S KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE! … Please remember to watch out for children walking, scootering and cycling to school. Show your children the safest places to cross the road – remind them to look left and right for vehicles.

Motorists …need to remember to STOP if a school patrol sign is extended… regardless of which side of the road it is on, SLOW DOWN around schools and be prepared to stop at all school crossing points, KEEP plenty of SPACE between you and cars in front. And please remember, the speed limit in School Zones is 30 kms but with the excitement of first days please keep speeds well under the 30 km limit.

Media Release: August 25th, 2013

On Friday August 23 at approximately 4:00PM in the 500 block Railway St a male stole a wallet from another male. When the wallet owner chased him down the male took out a knife and waved it at him, fortunately only striking a cast on his arm. The male then dropped the wallet and ran off. The Nelson Police searched the area for the culprit but could not locate him. He was seen in the nearby park earlier in the day but was not known by any of the park users. Nelson Police are still investigating. NPD file 2013-4060 refers.

There were numerous incidents of people being found consuming liquor in public places over the weekend. People should be aware this is in contravention of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act and carries a fine of no less than $230. At the very least any liquor remaining will be seized and destroyed.

On Saturday August 24 it was reported a valuable mountain bike was stolen from one of the local shops. The bike is described as a Black with red and yellow highlights Devinci Wilson large framed men’s mountain bike. Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of the bike is encouraged to contact the Nelson Police at 354-3919. NPD file 2013-4089 refers.

At 1:45 AM Sunday August 25 an alert staff member at Finleys Pub noted a female attempting to enter the premises was too intoxicated and he refused her entry. Her partner, also intoxicated, attempted to convince staff to let her in. During that conversation the female, a 27 year old visitor to Nelson, attacked the bouncer by biting and scratching him. Other staff assisted in controlling her while police were called. Her partner then attempted to assist her and was also restrained until police arrival. Both were arrested for assaulting the staff members and causing a disturbance. They were released to travel home with numerous conditions to abide by until their court date in Nelson September 10. NPD file 2013-4099 refers.

Media Release: August 17th, 2013

The Nelson Police Department had a busy week responding to more than 96 calls to service. A large portion of these were related to the good weather and volume of travelers stopping in Nelson for the various events in the area.

Sometime overnight between August 13-14 culprits broke into a local pet store. Once inside they targeted the cash float and left other items untouched. The Nelson Police are investigating. NPD file 2013-3835 refers.

On August 14 at approximately 8PM the Nelson Police received a 911 call reporting a male stabbing people in Cottonwood Falls Park with a tattoo needle. The male was reportedly acting in a bizarre manner prior to the assaults and dressed in such a way that he would be easily identified if located. Unfortunately, no one noted which direction he left the area after reporting the assaults. Several victims were left with spots from the tattoo ink on their arms. All declined immediate medical attention despite being warned about the possibility of diseases being transmitted through the needle. The Nelson Police are still investigating. NPD file 2013-3857 refers.

If you have any information that would assist with the identification of either suspect please call the Nelson Police at 354-3919 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

On August 15 at 1:49 AM staff at the Spirit Bar called the Nelson Police Department to request assistance with an unruly customer who was trying to get back into their establishment. Once the Police Members arrived a female who had assaulted a staff member by biting him was taken into custody. Members and bar staff worked together to safely remove her from the area and then she was transported to NPD cells. Several associates of the 23 year old visitor to Nelson tried to interfere with the Police and staff but were dispersed without further incident. She was held until sober and will appear in Nelson law Court to answer to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and attempting to re-enter a licensed premise once removed. NPD file 2013-3862 refers.
On August 17 several people reported a male riding a jet ski making a very close run and sharp turn near the dock at Lakeside Park, splashing several children on it. They reported he might be under the influence of alcohol. The driver then left the area with his female passenger. A short time later he came back and assaulted and threatened a male who confronted him about the incident. He left on his jet ski prior to police arrival. The 25 year old local male is known to the Nelson Police and warrants will be sought for his arrest for dangerous operation of a vessel, assault and uttering threats. NPD file 2013-3939 refers.

Media Release: August 13th, 2013

On August 13th, 2013, at approximately 2:00 am, Nelson Police were notified of a possible motor vehicle accident in the area of Kootenay Lake Hospital. Nelson members attended the area immediately and located the accident scene. The accident was a single vehicle accident involving a motorcycle. The rider was located and emergency medical attention was provided by members until EHS and Nelson Fire attended. The rider was transported to Kootenay Lake Hospital by EHS where he succumbed to his injuries. At this time the name of the rider is being withheld pending notification of family. Nelson Police, along with the assistance of the Nelson RCMP Integrated Collision Analyst, are continuing their investigation as to the cause of the motor vehicle accident.

Media Release: August 4th, 2013

On Saturday, August 3rd, 2013, approximately 4:00 a.m., the Nelson Police received multiple reports of glass smashing and vandalism in the area of a local school. Upon arrival, it was apparent that the school had been the subject of an excessive amount of vandalism. There were multiple windows shattered as well as other damages sustained. The damage is valued at over $10,000. Although early in the investigation, the Nelson Police have identified persons of interest and are optimistic they will be proceeding with criminal charges. The police are requesting any witnesses or any one with additional information to contact the Nelson Police Department and refer to police file #13-3569.

Media Release: August 2, 2013

NPD file 2013-3500

On July 30, 2013 two patrol officers of the Nelson police Department were driving Near Gyro Park when one of the officers’ attention became focused on a suspicious vehicle. The alert officer recognized an adult male Nelson resident that was well known to him. The officer recalled that the male did not possess a valid driver’s license. As the male drove by in the opposite direction he attempted to hide his identity from the officer’s by shielding his face with his hand. The astute officer was not fooled by the failed attempt to disguise.

The officers quickly turned the police vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle. The suspect accelerated through the uphill residential neighbourhood at high speeds. The officers vigorously tracked the suspect with safety of the public as their primary concern. The officers spotted the vehicle in uphill as the driver attempted to flee from police. After taking a turn at high speed the driver made an abrupt turn into a driveway, narrowly missing a private vehicle parked in the drive. Unfortunately for the suspect, the police were hot on his trail and were prepared for his ineffective evasion techniques. The police discovered the vehicle with the driver, and lone occupant of the vehicle, still seated behind the steering wheel.

The man was taken into custody without further attempts to flee from police. The suspect faces possible charges of driving while prohibited, driving without due care and attention. The vehicle he was driving at the time was impounded. The matter is still under investigation.

NPD File 2013-3511

On July 31, a three year old child and a six year old child were playing with sidewalk chalk on a walkway in front of their home. While playing, the six year old located a small bag of white powder on the ground. The child, being wise beyond his years, took the powder to his parent. The understandably upset parent brought the substance to the Nelson Police department as they suspected that the small bag contained illicit street drugs.

The Nelson Police Department tested the powder and discovered that the child had found approximately $100 worth of powder cocaine. Needless to say, had the children been curious and ingested the cocaine this media release would have taken a decidedly different tone.
Please take care with our children. Not only are street drugs dangerous for little bodies, prescription drugs found in many households can also be deadly.