New Release: November 20th, 2013


The Nelson Police Department holiday CounterAttack Program officially begins on November 29th.

In addition to impaired driving, the Nelson Police will be targeting other types of high risk driving behavior. This includes aggressive driving, people who are not wearing their seatbelts, speeding or using hand held devices while driving.

Drivers can expect to see an increased officer presence on roadways for the remainder of the holiday season.

  • Don’t drink and Drive. It’s not worth risking it.
  • Prepare your vehicle for emergencies. Don’t get caught on a dark, cold road without a flashlight or warm winter boots.
  • Drive carefully. Ice and Snow can make winter driving treacherous. Drive slowly, don’t hurry and watch for other drivers.

Media Release: November 13th, 2013

On Sunday Nov 10 at 9:54AM the Nelson Police responded to a report of a single vehicle accident on Hwy 3A/Lakeview Crescent. The vehicle had driven over the bank and rolled over at that location. The 26 year old driver, the only occupant of the vehicle, sustained only minor injuries. Speed and alcohol were a factor. The driver was issues a 90 day immediate roadside suspension after providing samples of his breath. NPD file 2013-5361 refers.

On Monday November 11 at 4:40PM an intoxicated male approached a female shopper outside Save on Foods, asking for change. He became belligerent, swore and followed her to her car when he did not receive any money. She managed to leave the area safely and then called Nelson Police. The 51 year old local male, who is known to police was located and arrested for causing a disturbance and public intoxication. He was lodged into cells until sober. He will appear in court in the New Year to answer to the charges. NPD file 2013-5377 refers.

On Tuesday November 12 at 12:30PM a local male driving downtown was waiting for pedestrians to clear the crosswalk so he could proceed on a green light. One male made a point of lingering in front of his car so the driver honked his horn as the light was now green for him. The male then kicked the car, and tried to entice the driver to fight. A female companion of the male encouraged him to apologize and move on while the driver called police. Knowing police were on the way the male fled the area. The Nelson Police believe they know who the male is and are looking to speak with him about this incident. NPD file 2013-5382 refers.

Media Release: November 9th, 2013

On November 09th, 2013, the Nelson Police Department received another report of an attempted internet scam.

The call display associated to these calls read “out of the area”. The victim was advised that they were speaking to computer software expert who had identified problems with their computers. The victim was asked to turn their computers on so that the caller could install a program to repair the problems. The caller then asks for a Credit Card # so a bill can be submitted for the so-called repairs, or in this case the caller asked for the victim to go to Western Union and send the money.

Again Nelson Police caution people against giving out personal information by email or over the phone. Please ensure that the company or person you are dealing with is a reputable service provider before providing any information. Report any suspicious circumstances to police immediately.

J. Scott-Pryke, MBA
Nelson Police Department