Restorative Justice Volunteer Opportunity

The Restorative Justice program is responsible for helping youth and young adults achieve responsible solutions for when rules have been broken. They are also involved in increasing dialogue in our community by education and role-modeling consensus building and discussion.

The Restorative Justice process is designed to:

  • Provide support to those who have been harmed to enable them to discuss how they have been impacted and to have questions answered.
  • Have those who have caused harm talk about the circumstances of the incident, describe what they believe the effects of their actions have been and take responsibility for the harm caused.
  • Give involved community members the opportunity to talk about how the incident has impacted them.
  • To build consensus for a meaningful, reasonable and fair resolution.
  • Identify and encourage participants to support the outcomes of the conference process and to ensure appropriate follow-up.

Restorative Justice Volunteer Opportunity:

Because of the seriousness of the work, RJ has to be very selective of the volunteers they take on for casework.  Unfortunately they cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be accepted as a caseworker, and they ask for your understanding if you are not asked to participate in the training.

RJ also want potential volunteers to know that becoming a caseworker requires a significant time commitment.  (Approximately 8-10 hours a month).

Volunteer Application Form

Media Release: March 22, 2014

File 2014-1095

On March 19 the Nelson Police Department received a complaint of an E-mail scam designed to obtain money from a Nelson senior citizen. The senior had been conned into sending money to an undisclosed location to a person identifying themselves as his girlfriend. In exchange for a considerable amount of money the culprit had been sending photographs of a compromising nature to the senior citizen in Nelson. Sadly , because of a debilitating disease associated to advanced age, the senior citizen is not capable of comprehending that he is being taken advantage of. The Nelson Police and people close to the senior have taken steps to protect him from the unidentified predator.

File 2014-1121

While conducting a routine vehicle patrol at the Chako Mika Mall a member of the Nelson Police Department found himself to be an uninvited spectator to a game of “push the shopping buggy through the parking lot with your car”. Two local young adults propelled a shopping cart with their car until the buggy flew across the parking lot at high speed narrowly missing a parked transport truck. The males were taken into custody for criminal mischief while the officer assessed the damage. Fortunately for the men there was minimal damage to the shopping buggy. Both males were released without charge after receiving a verbal warning from the officer.

File 2014-1107 and 2014-1120

Art or not? There is no denying that Nelson displays it’s fair share of graffiti. Some people see these tags as a creative art form while others view the tags as the defacing of a beautiful community. Whatever side of the fence you see the issue from there is no denying that the application of graffiti to public or private property without expressed permission may constitute criminal mischief.

During the early morning hours of March 20 an alert officer of the Nelson Police Department observed large fresh graffiti tags in the 300 block of Herridge Lane. The paint used to produce the tags was still tacky and running down the walls. The first officer was joined by a second officer known for his ability to tenaciously pursue fresh clues. Due to the fresh snow fall the officer was able to put his highly developed “Man tracking” skills to use and followed the fresh sign from the first tag to a second, garden fresh, graffiti tag. With their noses to the ground the officers continued to follow the footprints in the snow to a discarded paint can and lid. The highly visible foot prints continued in the new snow for blocks, over city streets, sidewalks, through private property, through businesses and a school yard. The determined officers doggedly tracked the suspects to a private residence approximately 10 blocks from the first discovery. As a result of the investigative steps taken an adult male suspect from Nelson has been identified. The man has a documented history of graffiti in Nelson and as a result of his actions may be facing a criminal charge for Mischief. The matter is still under investigation.

The following night the same officer continued his graffiti fighting spree and observed a young Nelson man marking a building on Josephine Street. A male was, stopped, arrested and searched incident to the lawful arrest. A black marker was recovered from his possession as a result of the search. The suspect assured the officer that he was an artist. The determined officer gathered further evidence from the area and contemplated recommending a criminal charge of Mischief against the male. The suspect offered a sincere apology and sought an informal resolution. After interviewing the male the officer decided to give the suspect a chance of redemption. The officer explained that as long as the tag was removed and the wall was restored to the original condition by the following day then he would not proceed with criminal charges. By the following evening the wall had been restored to its original condition.

Media Release: March 5th, 2014

On Sunday March 2 at approximately 3pm the Nelson Police received a 911 call for assistance with an intoxicated house guest causing issues. The male causing the problem was identified as a 60 year old local male who had been released from jail earlier in the day for similar issues. He was held until sober and will appear in court in Nelson in April to answer to charges of failing to comply with the release conditions he was bound by.

On Tuesday March 4 An NPD member walking the beat observed two males sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot in the 300 block Hall St. The member noted the driver holding a large marijuana “bong”. The passenger was holding a box with a small amount of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia inside. Both were arrested and the incident investigated further. As both males were cooperative, appeared to have made a poor decision and have no other history of this type of behavior they were not charged for the possession of a controlled substance. The drugs and equipment were surrendered for destruction.

On Wednesday March 5 at 3:00am Nelson Police members noted a person trying to help a grossly intoxicated female down Baker Street. They stepped in for the Good Samaritan and tried to help the 36 year old female in getting home safely. She became increasing hostile and would not assist the members in getting her to a safe place. After numerous attempts to get her home and to someone she knew to care for her failed she was lodged into NPD cells for her own safety until able to care for herself. She was released in the morning and charged under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act for public intoxication.