Public Assistance Requested


Nelson Police are seeking public assistance regarding an investigation into fraudulent Shambhala Music Festival Tickets.

On August 7, 2014, information was received by Nelson Police Department that fraudulent festival tickets were being sold for $300 and when the purchasers attended the music festival they were being advised by festival staff that the tickets purchased were not valid.

The Nelson Police Department conducted an investigation which resulted in two further incidents of fraud and the arrest of a 35 year-old female and her 49-year old partner, both from Nelson. Both parties are facing multiple charges.

The police are continuing an active investigation into this matter. Anyone with information that could assist in in this investigation is requested to contact the Nelson Police Department at 250-354-3919.

Weekly Media Release:

File 2014-3641

During the early morning hours of August 2, 2014 the Nelson Police Department received a complaint that a car and a person were missing. The incident was explained to police as follows. The vehicle operator drove to a location near the downtown core where he parked to off load some of his belongings into a residence. He left his female passenger to sleep in the front seat. The keys were left in the vehicle ignition. Much to the chagrin of the vehicle owner, when he came back to collect another load of belongings, the vehicle was gone, passenger included!

The passenger reported to police that she had been asleep in the front seat of the vehicle when she was awoken by someone touching her on the back. She did not recognize the male driver, so she asked him who he was. The male stated to the passenger, ”Don’t worry, I’m your daddy”. He then drove on. When the vehicle stopped to allow pedestrians to cross the road, the passenger wisely disembarked. The unknown male driver simply exited the vehicle and walked away.

The Nelson Police Department was notified approximately one hour after the incident took place. An investigation was immediately launched and a person of interest was soon identified.

The Nelson Police Department are recommending to lock your unattended vehicle and don’t leave your ignition keys in an unattended vehicle. Not even for a moment!

File 2014-3673

A citizen of Nelson was driving east on Lakeside Drive during the middle of the day on August 3, 2014. The driver was shocked frightened when she suddenly saw a male on a bicycle veer into her lane heading straight toward her vehicle. She found herself an uninvited and unwilling participant in a vehicular game of chicken. The participants were a 5000 pound automobile versus 25 pound bicycle.

At the last possible second, just prior to impact, the bicycle rider veered around the onrushing vehicle, narrowly avoiding a collision. Astonishingly, as the male rode past her vehicle he spat onto the windshield and then again into the open window of the vehicle. The driver was shocked and disgusted.

Fortunately, she recognized the bike rider and called out his name. He returned to the scene and apologized for his vile outburst. He offered to clean his spittle from the interior of her vehicle. The apology was not accepted.

The complainant told police the name of the spitter. An investigation was initiated and police are on the lookout for the spitter.

File 2014-3643

As the agency of last resort the men and women of the Nelson Police Department are often called upon to respond to a wide variety of situations. During the morning hours of August 2, 2014 the police were requested to assist a home owner with an animal in the basement of their home. The caller reported being able to hear an animal scratching about in the basement. The noise and thought of facing a wild animal made the caller wary thus the police were summoned.

The responding Nelson Police officers could not hear the scratching noise that had been reported. As per their training, the officers pushed into the basement to investigate the unknown. After rooting through the basement for about ten minutes a cardboard box under the stairs was identified as the source of the noise. The box was isolated and carefully opened. Inside the box the officers located a lone house mouse.

The mouse box was transported to outdoors where the mouse was freed into the yard. One of the officers remarked that the mouse appeared to be in remarkably good health after the harrowing ordeal.