Nelson Restorative Justice & MIR Centre for Peace Presents: Katy Hutchison

Walking after Midnight: The Story of Bob
Katy Hutchison is restorative justice advocate with a compelling, real life story. Katy describes how alcohol and other drug use, bullying peer pressure, and misguided choices in an unchaperoned setting caused devastation to her family. Katy shares how this traumatic event impacted her as a wife and as a mother of two young children. Her presentation is designed to explore the dynamics that led to the events that changed everything for her and her family, and to empower communities to make healthier choices so similar tragedies can be prevented. Most importantly, she explores the power of forgiveness and describes her own grassroots quest for restorative justice.

Wednesday NOVEMBER 23, 2016, AT 7:00 PM
Civic Theatre, 719 Vernon St, Nelson
General Public $16 | Seniors $13 | Students $13
(Tickets are available at the door.)


We would like to express our thanks to Nelson Star, The Nelson Daily, Pennywise, Kootenay Coop Radio and EZ Rock for their generous donations of advertising for the Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice volunteer facilitator training.

We received many quality applications and have recently begun an eight week training program with 16 new volunteers. This is a very exciting time in the growth of the program which is establishing some excellent forward momentum.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to these businesses in supporting the valuable services that our community justice program provides.