Press Release Saturday November 10, 2012

On Saturday November 10, 2012 at 2:50 AM Nelson Police members noted some fresh graffiti on the side of the Nelson Library/Nelson Police building.  Seeing that it appeared to have just been done they searched the area and found more on the Telus building and the BC Assessment building.

Noting some of the words painted on the buildings were “ozone” and “Katie” the members recalled another incident from September where the same words were used and a suspect was identified.

After searching for approximately two hours the suspects’ vehicle was found, with him sleeping in it. Lucas WELLS, 31 was arrested and held for 7 counts of mischief to property.

He was released later the same day on bail to appear in court in Nelson Dec 4. He is bound by numerous conditions until that date, including a ban from the City of Nelson.

The Nelson Police Department is asking business owner to contact them if they have had any recent vandalism to their buildings that use the same words.

(NPD file 2012-5486)

A/Sgt. P. Bayes

Nelson Police Department