Media Release: August 2, 2013

NPD file 2013-3500

On July 30, 2013 two patrol officers of the Nelson police Department were driving Near Gyro Park when one of the officers’ attention became focused on a suspicious vehicle. The alert officer recognized an adult male Nelson resident that was well known to him. The officer recalled that the male did not possess a valid driver’s license. As the male drove by in the opposite direction he attempted to hide his identity from the officer’s by shielding his face with his hand. The astute officer was not fooled by the failed attempt to disguise.

The officers quickly turned the police vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle. The suspect accelerated through the uphill residential neighbourhood at high speeds. The officers vigorously tracked the suspect with safety of the public as their primary concern. The officers spotted the vehicle in uphill as the driver attempted to flee from police. After taking a turn at high speed the driver made an abrupt turn into a driveway, narrowly missing a private vehicle parked in the drive. Unfortunately for the suspect, the police were hot on his trail and were prepared for his ineffective evasion techniques. The police discovered the vehicle with the driver, and lone occupant of the vehicle, still seated behind the steering wheel.

The man was taken into custody without further attempts to flee from police. The suspect faces possible charges of driving while prohibited, driving without due care and attention. The vehicle he was driving at the time was impounded. The matter is still under investigation.

NPD File 2013-3511

On July 31, a three year old child and a six year old child were playing with sidewalk chalk on a walkway in front of their home. While playing, the six year old located a small bag of white powder on the ground. The child, being wise beyond his years, took the powder to his parent. The understandably upset parent brought the substance to the Nelson Police department as they suspected that the small bag contained illicit street drugs.

The Nelson Police Department tested the powder and discovered that the child had found approximately $100 worth of powder cocaine. Needless to say, had the children been curious and ingested the cocaine this media release would have taken a decidedly different tone.
Please take care with our children. Not only are street drugs dangerous for little bodies, prescription drugs found in many households can also be deadly.