Media Release: December 7th, 2013

On Saturday December 7 at 1:30 AM an NPD member was waved down by an intoxicated female requesting assistance in getting home. Due to the extreme weather conditions and her not being dressed appropriately for it the member allowed her to warm up in the vehicle while he finished with another matter. The female decided to leave the area on her own before she could be offered any further assistance. A short time later staff at a nearby bar reported her to NPD as they were also concerned for her well being. In learning the name of the 24 year old it was found she was bound by an order from previous charges to abstain from drinking alcohol. She was transported to cells and released when sober and able to arrange a ride home. She will appear in Nelson Law Courts in the New Year to answer to charges of breaching release conditions. NPD file 2013-5740 refers.

On Saturday December 7 at 12:45 PM staff at one retailer in the Chahko Mika mall attempted to detain a suspect in a possible shoplifting after she set off the store security alarm. She refused to cooperate and the driver of the car she entered drove off with her. A license plate was obtained and provided to the Nelson Police Department. The registered owner in known to police and the investigation is ongoing. NPD file 2013-5746 refers.

There were a number of accidents related to weather over the last few days. In periods of inclement weather, the Nelson Police would like to remind the motoring public to adjust their driving habits. When roads are slippery, slow down. Drivers should also leave additional space between their vehicle and the vehicle in front. Driver should always be courteous on the road particularly when they’re in a traffic jam. If a lane is closed and people are signaling to get over, please let them in where possible. Even when roadways are congested, traffic will flow much more smoothly if drivers cooperate and look out for one another.