Media Release: September 15, 2014

Sometime overnight between Sept 10 – 11 an unknown culprit broke into approximately 12 unlock cars in the Fairview area, removing valuables and change. The Nelson Police have recovered some of the stolen property and are trying to identify a suspect. People are reminded to remove all valuables from their cars at night and lock them. Every one of these thefts was preventable if these simple steps were taken.

On Fri Sept 12 The Nelson Police were called to uphill about a house party that was disturbing the neighborhood. Approximately 75 under aged kids were spilling into neighbors’ yards. Once there Nelson Police members were shown to an injured, severely intoxicated youth who required medical attention. BC Ambulance came and took care of this youth while the Nelson Police then attended to the matter of the disturbance the party goers were causing. Unfortunately for the community the youths were determined to keep partying as they moved through the neighborhood waking people up as they went.

For those that wish to host these parties there are fines under the local Bylaw for the excessive noise that start at $100 and can range up to $2000.

Charges under the Criminal Code can be submitted for Mischief by interfering with other person lawful enjoyment of their property which can carry large fines and/or jail time.

Nelson Police are still investigating and the homeowners where the party took place will be spoken to. (NPD file 2014-4583 refers)