Restorative Justice Volunteers 2016Upon being named Chief Constable of NPD by the Nelson Police Board in January of 2011, Wayne Holland announced that one of his priorities was to establish a Restorative Justice program. Gerry Sobie, a volunteer Restorative Justice (RJ) Consultant and Trainer, along with Nelson Police Department’s Community Policing Officer-Sgt. Dino Falcone worked tirelessly to make that vision a reality. They launched the Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice (NPDRJ) program in April of 2014.

With Sgt. Falcone’s support, Mr. Sobie forged ahead with a 4 month program, training a group of volunteers who take on files that involve crimes such as: theft, assault, mischief and B &E. There are currently 12 well trained volunteers, and 14 new volunteers who are currently undergoing basic training with the goal of becoming restorative justice facilitators and mentors.

Our volunteers represent a cross-section of our community, with backgrounds in education, conflict-resolution, technology, trades and business. They are passionate and committed to learning and refining the skills required to handle complex files and emotionally challenging situations.