Recruiting of Police Officers

The recruitment requirements for sworn members are as follows:

  • Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant
  • minimum nineteen years of age
  • weight appropriate for height and build
  • 20/20 – 20/30 eyesight, corrected
  • successful completion of physical exam (Police Officer’s Physical Abilities Test) and medical exam
  • high school graduation necessary
  • minimum of one year post-secondary education preferred
  • valid British Columbia driver’s licence
  • successful completion of departmental assessments

Exemption candidate (currently serving or experienced) criteria, as set out by the Justice Institute of British Columbia:

  • Certified British Columbia Constable from a recognized police agency
  • Regular serving member of a Canadian Police force or have been a serving member of a Canadian Police force during the preceding 36 months
  • Successful completion of the B.C. Provincial Exemption Exam
  • An exemplary service record with your current or past police agency

For more information regarding employment with the Nelson Police Department please contact the Chief Constable’s Office at (250) 354-3919 or send an email to

You can also go to the City of Nelson website for other employment opportunities: