Restorative Justice Program




Restorative Justice Week is being celebrated in Canada from November 21st – 27th.  Correction Services Canada’s Restorative Justice Division proclaims this time of year to focus on the important work being done by Restorative Justice Programs in many communities across Canada. These programs are actively engaged in managing criminal matters that have been diverted by police or by courts.

Restorative Justice is a philosophy and an approach that views crime and conflict as harm done to people and relationships. It is a non-adversarial, non-retributive approach to justice that emphasizes healing in victims, accountability of offenders and the involvement of citizens in creating healthier, safer communities.

Our volunteer Restorative Justice Practitioners bring together those who have been affected by crime, those who are responsible for the harm, their respective supporters and other stakeholders into a conference designed to empower all participants to share their experience and explore ways to repair the harm.  A resolution agreement is carefully drafted based on the collaborative efforts of all participants. The Responsible Person, with the support of a volunteer mentor, works toward fulfilling the agreed upon, realistic, reasonable and restorative conditions. The Affected Person has the opportunity to meet the Responsible Person and state what is needed to bring healing and closure, while the Responsible Person is given the chance to make amends for the harm they caused. Where the Criminal Justice system promotes a “win-lose” outcome with charges, pleas and court, the Restorative Justice model promotes “win-win” outcomes with those involved making decisions about how the harm can be repaired.

This year Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice (NPDRJ) will be celebrating Restorative Justice Week by hosting Katy Hutchison, best-selling author of Walking After Midnight: One Woman’s Journey Through Murder, Justice and Forgiveness. She is also a professional public speaker and restorative justice advocate who passionately shares her story internationally, working to bring awareness to victim and offender issues.  Katy’s work with youth brings significant understanding about social responsibility and developing emotional literacy.

While in Nelson, Katy will be conducting workshops for Nelson Police Department members, NPDRJ staff and volunteers and professionals working in human services, education, law, emergency services, etc. She will also be presenting to students and youth.

The Mir Centre for Peace in conjunction with NPDRJ will be hosting a public event at the Civic Theatre on Wednesday November 23, 2016 at 7 pm, which will feature Katy Hutchison and her Story of Bob. This presentation is a powerful exploration of Katy’s journey through loss, upheaval, empowerment, and ultimately, forgiveness.

Please join us in celebrating RJ Week 2016. The evening will be a riveting and valuable learning experience for everyone.