Chief Constable


Welcome to the Nelson Police Department website. We are hopeful that after navigating through this site, you will have gained some insight into the workings of our Department and that any questions you may have of us will have been answered.

Throughout its 119 year history, the City of Nelson has faced most generic as well as several unique policing challenges that naturally arise within a thriving and diverse community. Gold mines, sternwheelers and two World Wars have come and gone while our Department continued to evolve and provide effective policing and public safety for the benefit of the citizens of Nelson.

While the City’s population has remained relatively static over the years, due to the contiguous mountains limiting the potential for sprawling growth, the surrounding areas have assumed a burgeoning population who base their lives in Nelson, one of the most beautiful areas of the province. Thoughtful and unhurried progress has allowed us to maintain a community free from alienation and the societal pressures that plague many modern cities. Along with this, you may be pleasantly surprised at the scope and extent of the vibrant cultural and outdoor adventure microcosm that this City and region are renowned for.

None of this could be possible without an inherently safe community. Working through and adapting to the complexities of today’s modern society, technology and law, we have maintained public safety to the point where people need not fear victimization and are free to walk the streets at any time of the day or night.

The Nelson Police Department is an innovative police service that accomplishes our goals by using cutting edge technologies such as DNA, forensic data recovery, intercepts and video surveillance. As well, we continue to rely on historic, “tried and true” methods of service delivery, such as the deployment of foot patrol officers in the downtown core and by, as much as is possible, embracing a “no call is too small” attitude in responding to the issues that are of concern to our citizens.

Our sworn and civilian personnel are men and women who have lived and worked in Nelson for most of their careers, and who are inextricably woven into the fabric of the community. This builds personal as well as community relationships and strengthens our ability to deliver effective and efficient services to the public. Additionally, we strive to “prevent” crime as opposed to “reacting” to crime and we mentor and coach youth in our community through a wide variety of permanent programs like DARE and the Emergency Services / Police Camp.

We look forward to preserving the peace and maintaining the public trust for at least another 119 years in this safe and active community. For a deeper understanding of our history, policing services and our long-term priorities and key initiatives; please browse through our various Annual Reports, Integrated Services Plan and Strategic Plan documents. In the latter, you will find the Mission, Vision and Values statements that are the life’s blood of the Nelson Police Department.

Paul Burkart
Chief Constable
Nelson Police Strategic Plan 2011-2015