Media Release: December 16th, 2013

On Thursday Dec 12 at 9:00 PM the Nelson Police were called when an unresponsive male was found on the street in the 600 block Baker St. NPD member attended and found a 42 year old male passed out from excessive liquor consumption. They managed to rouse him and he was lodged in cells until sober enough to care for himself. NPD file 2013-5813 refers.

On Saturday December 14 at 9:00 PM a male reported he was shoved by a stranger in the 500 block Ward St.  Nelson Police members took a report and description of the offender.  He was located a short distance away. After interviewing him and confronting the alleged victim it appears this altercation was started with the victim taking money for drugs from the assailant and then not providing them to him. Both parties were advised the incident will be investigated further and possible charges forthcoming for both.  NPD file 2013-5854 refers.

On Thursday Dec 12 the Nelson Police conducted checkstops in various locations in Nelson from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.  Over 400 cars were checked for impaired drivers.  It appears the message about the dangers of drinking and driving is being received in Nelson. The checkstops will continue through the holiday season.

Remember if you plan to drink, plan for someone else to drive.

If you encounter a suspected impaired driver, record the license plate and call 911.

On any given night in Canada one in 33 drivers is impaired.

The age group most likely to have been drinking before a crash is males 18-24 years old.

Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death in Canada.

Media Release: October 5th, 2013

On Monday Oct 1 at 3:25PM the Nelson Police received a 911 report of a female being assaulted in the 500 block Herridage Lane. At the same time another caller reported a theft in progress from a business in the 400 block Baker St. Upon arrival Nelson Police members found two males holding a female down. She had allegedly shoplifted from one downtown business and while staff was searching for her she did the same thing in another business. After a foot pursuit she was caught in the 500 block Herridage Lane. While trying to escape she bit one person and kicked another, causing minor injuries to both. The 24 year old was taken into custody and transported to NPD cells until sober. She was then released and will have to answer to charges of theft and assault. All the stolen property was located and returned. NPD file 2013-4727 refers.

On Friday Oct 4 at 9:00AM an off duty Nelson Police Member noted an individual in the 400 block Baker St that he knew was banned from the area for trafficking drugs. The off duty member stayed and spoke with the male while an on duty NPD member attended to investigate the matter further. The 24 year old male is facing charges of breach of his probation and possession of a controlled substance. NPD file 2013-4770 refers.

On Friday Oct 4 at 11:25AM Nelson Police members on foot patrol located several people drinking in Cottonwood Falls Park. All were cooperative and disposed of their liquor immediately. They were warned about the possible $230 fine for public consumption of liquor and escorted out of the park.

On Friday Oct 4 at 11:00PM a vehicle was noted to be driving in excess of the speed limit in the 700 block Vernon St. It then did a U-turn and parked in a no parking zone. NPD members stopped and approached the driver. He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol but refused to provide a sample of his breath as required, upon demand. He then began filming the members and interfered with the impounding of his vehicle. He was arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer and will answer to those charges Dec 3 in Nelson. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days and his driver’s license suspended for 90 under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Media Release: August 17th, 2013

The Nelson Police Department had a busy week responding to more than 96 calls to service. A large portion of these were related to the good weather and volume of travelers stopping in Nelson for the various events in the area.

Sometime overnight between August 13-14 culprits broke into a local pet store. Once inside they targeted the cash float and left other items untouched. The Nelson Police are investigating. NPD file 2013-3835 refers.

On August 14 at approximately 8PM the Nelson Police received a 911 call reporting a male stabbing people in Cottonwood Falls Park with a tattoo needle. The male was reportedly acting in a bizarre manner prior to the assaults and dressed in such a way that he would be easily identified if located. Unfortunately, no one noted which direction he left the area after reporting the assaults. Several victims were left with spots from the tattoo ink on their arms. All declined immediate medical attention despite being warned about the possibility of diseases being transmitted through the needle. The Nelson Police are still investigating. NPD file 2013-3857 refers.

If you have any information that would assist with the identification of either suspect please call the Nelson Police at 354-3919 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

On August 15 at 1:49 AM staff at the Spirit Bar called the Nelson Police Department to request assistance with an unruly customer who was trying to get back into their establishment. Once the Police Members arrived a female who had assaulted a staff member by biting him was taken into custody. Members and bar staff worked together to safely remove her from the area and then she was transported to NPD cells. Several associates of the 23 year old visitor to Nelson tried to interfere with the Police and staff but were dispersed without further incident. She was held until sober and will appear in Nelson law Court to answer to a charge of assault causing bodily harm and attempting to re-enter a licensed premise once removed. NPD file 2013-3862 refers.
On August 17 several people reported a male riding a jet ski making a very close run and sharp turn near the dock at Lakeside Park, splashing several children on it. They reported he might be under the influence of alcohol. The driver then left the area with his female passenger. A short time later he came back and assaulted and threatened a male who confronted him about the incident. He left on his jet ski prior to police arrival. The 25 year old local male is known to the Nelson Police and warrants will be sought for his arrest for dangerous operation of a vessel, assault and uttering threats. NPD file 2013-3939 refers.