Media Release: December 11, 2014

December CounterAttack Campaign


The Nelson Police Department is actively participating in the December CounterAttack Campaign. Nelson officers will be on streets of Nelson working hard to eliminate the dangers of impaired drivers. Impaired drivers are those who chose to drive while their ability to operate a motor vehicle is affected by alcohol, illicit drugs and medicines. People found to be driving while impaired, face possible immediate road side driving prohibitions of up to 90 days, having the vehicle they were driving impounded up to 30 days along with having to pay all of the associated costs. Drivers could also be facing Criminal Code charges of impaired driving.

The men and women of the Nelson Police Department are asking those who choose to partake over the holiday season to refrain from driving. Take a taxi, call a friend, use transit, walk or make other arrangements. Lives may depend on your good sense. Take a stand and don’t let impaired driver’s get behind the wheel.

On average 86 people die in BC every year in crashes involving impaired driving. Please join us to reduce this number.

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Keys anyone?


Along with answering over 6000 calls for service every year ranging from violent crimes to elementary school parking issues, the Nelson Police Department strives to serve our community. One of the ways in which we serve is to maintain a container of found keys. We have keys for all makes of cars and trucks that people have turned in at our downtown location. Lost yours? Drop by 606 Stanley Street and look through our collection. Who knows, your vehicle keys may be here.

Media Release: December 23rd, 2013

The Nelson Police Department is continuing its holiday checkstop program. On Wednesday evening approximately 400 motorists were stopped and spoken to by Nelson Police Department members. On that evening 6 Provincial tickets were handed out and 10 warnings given.

Over the weekend several drivers lost their licenses to either 3 or 90 day suspensions for drinking and driving.

On Sunday Dec 22 at 1:35AM a young couple was seen getting into a vehicle parked in the 700 block Vernon St. When they noted the marked police truck nearby, they got out and walked away. As soon as the Nelson Police Member drove off they jumped back in and drove off breaking several traffic laws in the process. After nearly striking another police vehicle in the area the driver was stopped and detained. He was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for driving without consideration for others, his license suspended for 3 days and his vehicle impounded. Fortunately no one was hurt on this occasion. NPD file 2013-5954 refers.

At 3:15 the same morning Nelson Police Members noted a truck driving erratically on Front Street. The vehicle was stopped and the 41 year old driver provided two samples of his breath to a roadside screening device. Both samples registered “FAIL”. His license was suspended for 90 days and vehicle impounded for 30. NPD file 2013-5960 refers.

Remember it doesn’t take much alcohol to impair your driving — just because you’ve only had a couple of drinks doesn’t mean you’re okay to drive.

Make a smart choice. If you’re going to be drinking, make sure you have a sober designated driver, money for a taxi, a place to stay overnight, or a friend you can call for a ride.

Media Release: December 16th, 2013

On Thursday Dec 12 at 9:00 PM the Nelson Police were called when an unresponsive male was found on the street in the 600 block Baker St. NPD member attended and found a 42 year old male passed out from excessive liquor consumption. They managed to rouse him and he was lodged in cells until sober enough to care for himself. NPD file 2013-5813 refers.

On Saturday December 14 at 9:00 PM a male reported he was shoved by a stranger in the 500 block Ward St.  Nelson Police members took a report and description of the offender.  He was located a short distance away. After interviewing him and confronting the alleged victim it appears this altercation was started with the victim taking money for drugs from the assailant and then not providing them to him. Both parties were advised the incident will be investigated further and possible charges forthcoming for both.  NPD file 2013-5854 refers.

On Thursday Dec 12 the Nelson Police conducted checkstops in various locations in Nelson from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.  Over 400 cars were checked for impaired drivers.  It appears the message about the dangers of drinking and driving is being received in Nelson. The checkstops will continue through the holiday season.

Remember if you plan to drink, plan for someone else to drive.

If you encounter a suspected impaired driver, record the license plate and call 911.

On any given night in Canada one in 33 drivers is impaired.

The age group most likely to have been drinking before a crash is males 18-24 years old.

Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death in Canada.

New Release: November 20th, 2013


The Nelson Police Department holiday CounterAttack Program officially begins on November 29th.

In addition to impaired driving, the Nelson Police will be targeting other types of high risk driving behavior. This includes aggressive driving, people who are not wearing their seatbelts, speeding or using hand held devices while driving.

Drivers can expect to see an increased officer presence on roadways for the remainder of the holiday season.

  • Don’t drink and Drive. It’s not worth risking it.
  • Prepare your vehicle for emergencies. Don’t get caught on a dark, cold road without a flashlight or warm winter boots.
  • Drive carefully. Ice and Snow can make winter driving treacherous. Drive slowly, don’t hurry and watch for other drivers.