Media Release – November 18, 2012

The Nelson Police Department has been heavily taxed with over 60 calls for service this weekend.  Of note, were several calls pertaining to persons within our community apparently suffering from various forms of mental illnesses.  As the agency of last resort, quite often the Nelson Police Department provides service to citizens in our community that have fallen through the cracks.  The Nelson Police Department will continue to work hard in conjunction with the staff and Kootenay Lake Hospital and Nelson Mental Health and others groups to help those in need.

In particular, persons suffering from mental illnesses in combination with drug and alcohol addictions can require considerable resources from the community and professionals alike.  We encourage all of our citizens to maintain patience and assist those in need by contacting the police or other appropriate agencies when you feel someone suffering from a mental illness requires support.

NPD File # 2012-5569

On Friday evening, November 16, the Nelson Police Department were summoned to the 7/11 Store in Nelson.  Inside a teenager had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol and was unable to stand on his own.  The person in question told police that he had taken a double dose of his medications and had clearly consumed a considerable amount of alcohol.  After vomiting inside the store the teenager was moved to the sidewalk.  At that point the young person told police that he was hearing voices inside his head.   Police were concerned about the health of the person and thus a decision was made to have the teenager examined by a doctor.

At Kootenay Lake Hospital the teen became so agitated that the police had to restrain the person as he launched off of the treatment bed, attempting to kick police and the attending physician, spitting, yelling, swearing and attempting to run from the hospital.  A parent attended the hospital and assisted to calm the teenager.    Eventually, hospital staff was able to calm the teen.  The teenager was then left in the care of Kootenay Lake hospital staff.  No charges are contemplated from the incident.

NPD File 2012-5578

While on patrol on Friday night, a Constable of the Nelson Police Department observed a young adult familiar to him in the downtown core.  The male was bound by conditions stemming from a recent arrest from the North Okanagan area to refrain from consuming alcohol and to be inside his residence by his court invoked curfew.  In this instance the police officer made observations that led him to believe that the male had indeed consumed alcohol.  The male was arrested for breaching his North Okanagan release conditions.  While in custody the police officer conducted a hearing before a Judicial Justice after the male had received instructions from counsel.  The male was remanded in custody and will appear before a Provincial Court Judge in Nelson on Monday, November 19, 2012.

The police officers of the Nelson Police Department often come across members of the public who have been released from custody after they have promised to abide to conditions.  Some of the common conditions include: to refrain from contacting a particular person, to refrain from consuming alcohol or non-prescription drugs, or to refrain from possessing weapons.

NPD File 2012-5570

During the late evening of November 16, 2012 a male attended the front counter of the Nelson Police Department to make an unusual complaint.  The male complainant told police that he was unlawfully squatting in an abandoned home in Nelson.  While he was preparing to bed down for the night one of the other squatters threatened him with bodily harm.  The complainant failed to explain what took place prior to the threats that would result in one party threatening the other with this action.  The complainant did not know the suspect and was not interested in seeing him arrested; instead he wanted police to protect him while he gathered his belongings and make his exit.

Police attended to the house and stood by while the male gathered his tent and four large bags of belongings.  The suspect had vacated the area and his identity was not established.  With the help of Nelson Fire and Rescue the abandoned house was secured.

As the complainant had admitted to police that he had been breaking the law by being unlawfully within a dwelling house, police checked him on police computers and learned that he was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant from Eastern Canada. Fortunately for the male, those warrants were not enforceable in British Columbia.

The Nelson Police Department is requesting everyone to be vigilant and report suspicious activity in and around vacant homes.

NPD File 2012-5574

While patrolling the downtown core two officers of the Nelson Police Department observed three people panhandling and drinking beer in the 300 block of Baker Street.  The officers became interested in one male when he announced that he had no identification on him.  As the officers had observed the male violating the BC Liquor Act he was obliged by law to truthfully identify himself to the officers.    What followed was a long a game of cat and mouse in which the male attempted to falsely identify himself.  Although the male as well schooled at the charade of deception he was not able to convince the officers.  The male was warned that if he failed to accurately identify himself he would be arrested for obstructing a police officer.   The male continued to insist that the name he gave police was accurate.  The male was then arrested for obstruction.

After another round of questioning by the officers the male admitted that he had been lying to the officers and divulged his true identity.  The male was lying to the officers because he was unlawfully at large from a federal institution.  He was serving a six year sentence for multiple armed robberies.  The male was arrested for being unlawfully at large and on a Canada wide apprehension warrant.  The matter of obstructing the officers of the Nelson Police Department is still under investigation.   The male was held in custody and will be returned to Corrections Canada in due order.

Acting Sergeant Brian Weber


Press Release Saturday November 10, 2012

On Saturday November 10, 2012 at 2:50 AM Nelson Police members noted some fresh graffiti on the side of the Nelson Library/Nelson Police building.  Seeing that it appeared to have just been done they searched the area and found more on the Telus building and the BC Assessment building.

Noting some of the words painted on the buildings were “ozone” and “Katie” the members recalled another incident from September where the same words were used and a suspect was identified.

After searching for approximately two hours the suspects’ vehicle was found, with him sleeping in it. Lucas WELLS, 31 was arrested and held for 7 counts of mischief to property.

He was released later the same day on bail to appear in court in Nelson Dec 4. He is bound by numerous conditions until that date, including a ban from the City of Nelson.

The Nelson Police Department is asking business owner to contact them if they have had any recent vandalism to their buildings that use the same words.

(NPD file 2012-5486)

A/Sgt. P. Bayes

Nelson Police Department

Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015

The Strategic Plan for the Nelson Police Department (NPD) is the over arching guiding document for the direction of the Department over the next five years. This plan was developed during 2010 by the NPD Management Team and the Nelson Police Board and finalized in March 2011. It represents our commitment to integrating our strategic direction under a paradigm that references the Official Community Plan (OCP), our 2009 Citizen’s Survey, as well as the principles of sustainability and fiscal responsibility. Additionally, the Strategic Plan is evaluated and monitored with the view to ensuring that our Mission, Vision and Values are reinforced through measurable action.

Strategic Plan 2011 – 2015