Restorative Justice Volunteer Opportunity

The Restorative Justice program is responsible for helping youth and young adults achieve responsible solutions for when rules have been broken. They are also involved in increasing dialogue in our community by education and role-modeling consensus building and discussion.

The Restorative Justice process is designed to:

  • Provide support to those who have been harmed to enable them to discuss how they have been impacted and to have questions answered.
  • Have those who have caused harm talk about the circumstances of the incident, describe what they believe the effects of their actions have been and take responsibility for the harm caused.
  • Give involved community members the opportunity to talk about how the incident has impacted them.
  • To build consensus for a meaningful, reasonable and fair resolution.
  • Identify and encourage participants to support the outcomes of the conference process and to ensure appropriate follow-up.

Restorative Justice Volunteer Opportunity:

Because of the seriousness of the work, RJ has to be very selective of the volunteers they take on for casework.  Unfortunately they cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be accepted as a caseworker, and they ask for your understanding if you are not asked to participate in the training.

RJ also want potential volunteers to know that becoming a caseworker requires a significant time commitment.  (Approximately 8-10 hours a month).

Volunteer Application Form