Media Release: August 25th, 2013

On Friday August 23 at approximately 4:00PM in the 500 block Railway St a male stole a wallet from another male. When the wallet owner chased him down the male took out a knife and waved it at him, fortunately only striking a cast on his arm. The male then dropped the wallet and ran off. The Nelson Police searched the area for the culprit but could not locate him. He was seen in the nearby park earlier in the day but was not known by any of the park users. Nelson Police are still investigating. NPD file 2013-4060 refers.

There were numerous incidents of people being found consuming liquor in public places over the weekend. People should be aware this is in contravention of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act and carries a fine of no less than $230. At the very least any liquor remaining will be seized and destroyed.

On Saturday August 24 it was reported a valuable mountain bike was stolen from one of the local shops. The bike is described as a Black with red and yellow highlights Devinci Wilson large framed men’s mountain bike. Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of the bike is encouraged to contact the Nelson Police at 354-3919. NPD file 2013-4089 refers.

At 1:45 AM Sunday August 25 an alert staff member at Finleys Pub noted a female attempting to enter the premises was too intoxicated and he refused her entry. Her partner, also intoxicated, attempted to convince staff to let her in. During that conversation the female, a 27 year old visitor to Nelson, attacked the bouncer by biting and scratching him. Other staff assisted in controlling her while police were called. Her partner then attempted to assist her and was also restrained until police arrival. Both were arrested for assaulting the staff members and causing a disturbance. They were released to travel home with numerous conditions to abide by until their court date in Nelson September 10. NPD file 2013-4099 refers.