What is the General Rate Increase proposed for 2021?

To meet the rising cost of providing power, Nelson Hydro must adjust its rates for both city and rural customers. This rate increase is necessary to cover the 4.36% rate increase in our power purchase costs from FortisBC and includes other direct inflationary costs such as supplies and labour. These factors alone result in Nelson Hydro customers requiring a 3.32% general rate increase effective April 1, 2021. You can find the application submitted here.

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1. What is the General Rate Increase proposed for 2021?
2. Why is the General Rate Increase done in April?
3. What is COSA and the Nelson Hydro Cost of Service and Rate Design Application?
4. What are the rural rate increases being proposed as a result of the COSA?
5. Why does electricity cost more for rural customers?
6. How would this impact my hydro bill?
7. How much will my bill be?
8. How are rates set?
9. Can I reduce my power bill?
10. How do our rates compare with our neighbours?
11. What are the benefits of a city-owned utility?
12. What about the proposed rate of return? How do you benefit?
13. How have rural rates compared to city rates over time?