What is a pre-treatment appliance? What does it do?

A pre-treatment appliance is an in-home clean technology that transforms food waste into a natural soil amendment. About the size of a bread maker, pre-treatment appliances pulverize and dehydrate food scraps breaking them down in a matter of hours. The weight and volume of food scraps are reduced by ~90%, leaving users with dry material that is easy to store and can be used in backyard gardening or collected by the City.  

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1. Why is Nelson developing this program?
2. When will the program begin?
3. Why pre-treat organics?
4. Who is eligible?
5. What are the anticipated program benefits?
6. Will I own my appliance?
7. How is this program financed?
8. What is a pre-treatment appliance? What does it do?
9. Is this program sustainable?
10. Will organics be collected?
11. What is the brand of appliance?
12. How much energy does the appliance consume?
13. Is the soil amendment safe to use in my home garden?
14. How will I learn how to use the FoodCycler?
15. How does the appliance minimize odors?
16. I'm moving or switching tenants in my rental, what do I do with my FoodCycler?
17. How long will my filters last?
18. Will the soil amendment attract pests?