Why is Nelson developing this program?

The City does not currently have an organics program. Staff conducted a feasibility study incorporating data from the small initial pilot project results from 2020 and regional data to compare it to conventional wet organic curbside collection. This study found that a residential pre-treated organics program has the potential to be less expensive, divert more waste and reduce more greenhouse gas emissions. Our 2023 study on the initial roll-out of the program will verify these projections.

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1. Why is Nelson developing this program?
2. When will the program begin?
3. Why pre-treat organics?
4. Who is eligible?
5. What are the program benefits?
6. What is a pre-treatment appliance? What does it do?
7. Is this program sustainable?
8. Will organics be collected?
9. What is the brand of appliance?
10. How much energy does the appliance consume?
11. How will I learn how to use the FoodCycler?
12. How does the appliance minimize odors?
13. How long will my filters last?
14. Will the soil amendment attract pests?