What are the program benefits?
  • Less expensive than weekly wet curbside collections
  • Easy household waste management, no more smelly and heavy garbage
  • Significant emissions reductions, avoided methane in the landfill, and fewer collections
  • Saving space in the landfill
  • Soil amendment can be used on-site
  • Enhance local gardens and greenspaces
  • Reduce problematic wildlife encounters
  • Research innovative solutions to waste management
  • Local employment in green jobs

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1. Why is Nelson developing this program?
2. When will the program begin?
3. Why pre-treat organics?
4. Who is eligible?
5. What are the program benefits?
6. What is a pre-treatment appliance? What does it do?
7. Is this program sustainable?
8. Will organics be collected?
9. What is the brand of appliance?
10. How much energy does the appliance consume?
11. How will I learn how to use the FoodCycler?
12. How does the appliance minimize odors?
13. How long will my filters last?
14. Will the soil amendment attract pests?